Living the Fourth Commandment

Observing the sabbath is an important way to maintain a relationship with our Creator.  Taking time to rest and giving oneself time to wait attentively for the “still, small voice” places a limit on the distractions of everyday life.  Human beings need to quiet ourselves periodically so that our inner resources become available to help us meet the challenges of our week. 

In March 2010 a group launched an initiative called “The Sabbath Manifesto” to encourage people to take time off from stressful routines and create a healthier way of life for themselves.  They advocate ten principles to start people on a path to wholeness one day per week.  The first principle is to “avoid technology.”  The organization’s web site says that implementing this principle is a matter of interpretation, but even giving up one technological gadget for a day can count as “avoiding technology.”  The other ten principles, as well as press coverage, FAQs, responses from people who have tried it, can be found at the organization’s web site,