New Book on Cognitive Fatigue

A professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Psychology has recently published a book entitled Cognitive Fatigue:  Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Current Research and Future Applications (American Psychological Association, August 2010).  This book is a collection of papers presented at a conference held at Georgia Tech in May 2009.  They are grouped under the following categories:  Historical Background; Neurological and Physiological Aspects of Fatigue; Motivation, Personality and Subjective  Fatigue; Work and Other Applications.  The conclusion documents an open panel discussion that addressed various topics within the conference. 

Cover of Cognitive Fatigue (medium)

Most of us would agree that fatigue can alter judgment and performance.  Psychologists have found various ways to measure the effects of fatigue, and some have tried to find ways to improve judgment and performance in situations where a subject is experiencing a high level of fatigue.  It seems to me the best way to overcome fatigue is to avoid it altogether – in other words, get some sleep, America!