Laurie Marion is a graduate student in Digital Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  She earned a  Ph.D. in philosophy at Emory University in 1996.  Her research on Thomas Hobbes and other figures from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries yielded a dissertation that argues that Hobbes’s notion of sovereignty places equal value on persuasion and coercive power.  The power of the sovereign provides the basic conditions of public safety that make the development of true piety possible for individual citizens. 

As a fellow of the Global Dialogue Institute, an organization dedicated to facilitating intercultural and interreligious dialogue, Laurie has published an article in the UNESCO journal, Higher Education in Europe, about the development of a sustainable educational process in Indonesia by adopting the principles of Deep Dialogue/Critical Thinking  to improve primary school education. 

Laurie became interested in digital media because they present new possibilities for expressing and communicating philosophical discoveries.  Socratic activity need not be confined to academic departments or pages in a book; it is a way of life that seeks expression in all media.  A philosopher is a lover of wisdom; the search for truth is a lifelong passion.


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